All the experience of a professional for the sale of your property

The best for your sale

Our team will carefully analyze the characteristics of your property to establish an ultra-effective communication plan. You will be impressed by the quality of our advertising strategy and the quantity of distribution. No potential buyer should miss your property!

Sell at the best price

After a professional estimate of your property, we will decide together on its marketing price accompanied by a commercial strategy. We will make absolutely every effort to ensure that you can obtain the best price for the sale of your property. Compared to certain agencies too eager to sell a property, we will systematically defend your interests to ensure you a sale at the best price.

Sell at the best timing

It's not just the price, it's also a question of timing. This is why we will discuss together to assess the time needed to complete your project. We respect your wishes in terms of sales deadlines. Some owners want to sell quickly while others want a longer time (sale, buyout, mortgages, moves, transfers, children's schooling).

Sell and by your next property in the meantime

You benefit from more than 15 years of experience in real estate transactions ensuring a serene and secure sale. In the event of a possible purchase of a property with the proceeds of the sale, we will be able to present you with the best solutions for coordinating the 2 projects (simultaneous sale/purchase, bridging loan, in-fine loan, mortgage loan, etc.).

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